Workshop: Learn more about the digital transformation industry and leveraging digital tools for virtual learning and remote work environments 

In March 2020, Canada was forced to close its physical locations due to COVID-19. Nearly three years later, organizations are navigating a post-pandemic workforce, in terms of physical space, scheduling and adjusting best practices of collaboration and project management to meet goals and adhere to workplace values in a virtual world.

While challenging, the ‘new normal’ also opened the door for new approaches to teaching and training for workforce development organizations. They have an opportunity to leverage the best practices of online education and skills training and shift their methodologies to better prepare jobseekers for new virtual work opportunities. 

Key Features:

  • Host by a Certified Career Development Candidate  
  • The industry speakers include: Marketing, Service Industry, Art and Entertainment Industry
  • Group workshops and one-to-one support 
  • Access to deeper personal career go-setting sessions
  • Community referrals & access to support


  • to be able to create a healthy remote working environment for individual and group setting
  • Access to free digital tools for facilitating workshops, training and marketing purposes
  • Understands the job expectation in different roles
  • Entry-level remote skills development

The workshop will be facilitated every in October. All programs will be fully online. Please access it with a computer/tablet/phone and a strong and stable internet connection. 

We only accept referrals at this stage.

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