Workshop: Key to Workplace Success

People who understand hows to master their emotional intelligence can communicate better with team members than those who are not in tune with their emotional intelligence. They share ideas and are open to others’ ideas. They are less likely to completely take control of a situation and “run the show” on their own without thinking of others first.

According to Goleman, the key principles of emotional intelligence include:

  • Self-awareness – the ability to recognize personal emotions, emotional triggers, and limitations
  • Self-regulation – the ability to manage emotions so they do not have a negative effect
  • Motivation – an inner drive that comes from the personal joy experienced after an accomplishment
  • Empathy– the ability to recognize, understand and experience the emotions of another person
  • Social skills – the ability to interact and negotiate with other individuals in order to find the best way to meet the needs of each person

Key Features:

  • Delivered by a Certified Career Development Candidate  
  • Group workshops and one-to-one support 
  • Access to deeper personal career go-setting sessions
  • Community referrals & access to support


  • Improve listening skills with empathy and compassion
  • Enhance communication skills by understanding the needs and goals behind a statement
  • Improve work collaboration and increase work productivity

The workshop will be facilitated every in December. All programs will be fully online. Please access it with a computer/tablet/phone and a strong and stable internet connection. 

We only accept referrals at this stage.

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