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Transformation: How to overcome Fear and Uncertainty when Life feels hard

The names in the following text about transformation have been kept anonymous owing to the confidentiality of the women who contacted us.

(Written By: Syra Salam, Shirley Sio and Quinn Cashion)

When Sophie was introduced to  The Circle of MA she was in a lurch. A distressed young woman in her late twenties with a 3-month-old baby. She wanted a shoulder to lean on and vent the trauma she was experiencing in her marriage. Sophie was always confident and proud of her accomplishments in school and at work. Motherhood made her more compassionate and hats off to her for juggling a career, parenting and home. Yet inside the woman of steel that she appeared battled with her choices, every day. She was at the crossroads of whether to carry on the abusive marriage or get out. 

Even though Sophie was earning a good income, her husband found a way to discreetly take her money from their joint accounts. The exploitation didn’t end there. Verbal abuse told them they would take her baby away and feeling like she was losing control of her life, she decided it was time to get out. 

Finally, the day came, Sophie found the courage to stand up for herself and her child and filed for divorce. Did it end her misery? Yes and no. While she was freed from living in a toxic relationship, she continues to search for ways to communicate with her child’s father. She was in a transition phase when The Circle of MA came as a ray of hope for her. A haven to offer a helping hand. 

Sophie felt as though she was welcomed into a safe space, a place where acceptance, respect and kindness were offered.  She understood for the first time in a long time a feeling of caring as her story was being heard and it was valid. Mentors from The Circle of MA guided her toward the resources she was looking for.  The goals of the organization assured her that there is a light at the end of what felt like the dark tunnel. 

So much guidance in one place that included

Module 1:

Honouring your Space of MA Workshop: A Foundational program for realizing well-being & confidence.  She gained a greater awareness of her well-being and how to override the feelings that were keeping her stuck in life.

Module 2 (optional):

ExperiencingThe Art of Communication workshop where she understood how to listen to her ex with empathy, especially when using wordings, gathering his side of the parents and external families to gaslight her and use silent treatment as a weapon to harm her.

Module 3:

In the self-transformation assessment workshop, where she was able to recognize her internal strength and transferable skills. This gave her a better understanding of her choices for her chosen career path. 

Module 4 (optional):

Remote Skill Training Workshop, where Sophie selected one of the remote work skill training programs instead of sitting idle. This is a transformation as she is able to work from home while taking care of her newborn. 

Module 5 (optional):

Employment Coaching Workshop. Sophie attended the employment training program, where she learned how to organize her resume and cover letter. In addition she gained confidence in her interview skills. 

Today, Sophie is rebuilding her new home with her daughter. She is also financially stable and provides a loving home for herself and her daughter.  She continues to face the challenges of raising her child with her ex-husband. Nevertheless, she is able to remain calm and grounded. Moreover, she discovered the power of MA, a space within that protects her from the behaviours of others. Now Sophie sees her future with her daughter full of hope and possibilities. Transformation to a better life is possible!

The Circle of MA aims to bring hope and light to women who have experienced or is currently going through unpleasant journeys.  We offer a haven for women to unleash their strength. With our true stories and inspirational podcasts, we provide a space for you to breathe and to connect. Please reach out to us  if you want to share your story to empower other women who is thriving through their moment of journey.

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