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Parenting: Education that is Best for Your Kids

Gone are the days when parents used to decide on academic fields for their children. Moreover, when parents had an answer to ‘what kind of education is best for my kid?’. Here we will talk about Parenting and the education that is best for your child.

Generation X can very well relate to ‘coming up to parents’ expectation to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer, or a teacher. The rigid mindset of society and parents back in those days made many passionate minds opt for the career path they were not inclined to. If children chose to follow their dreams in conservative communities, it came at the cost of the stigma parents faced. 

Thankfully, many guardians and parents have agreed to let the child follow their passion with changing times and trends. Yet even today, societal and peer pressure at times cause a hindrance in the way of a child to navigate the path they want to follow. 

Let’s look at ways you can be a beacon of light for your young ones.

The golden rule for Parenting-Let go of Stress: 

A stressed household means a threat to the mental well-being of children in the long run. Parents with a rigid mindset when facing the situation of a child pursuing their dreams often lose their cool.  This stress will result in a child being irritable, having a disturbed sleep pattern, creating tantrums, excessive eating or loss of appetite, etc. The best remedy would be sitting with your child and discussing the future. Let them speak their heart out. As a parent, you can advise them and discuss the pros and cons of the education they wish to continue. However, forcing your opinion of kids will only make matters worse in the future, if not immediately. Parenting can be challenging especially when it comes to kids’ education.

Connect your child with the right mentor:

Today, the teacher’s role is beyond the traditional way of merely instructing. Instead, teachers are mentors and facilitators who want to unleash the best in the child. They aim to empower a child with whatever skill set they have without thrusting their opinion. A relevant example here would be a play-based curriculum followed in most Canadian preschool and kindergarten years. Through interaction and play, indoor and outdoor, the facilitator encourages the child’s learning. In other words, it is child-initiated learning contrary to the traditional teacher and curriculum lead learning. Parents should be well aware of these options in their child’s education.

Navigate your options in Education:

‘Schools are the only way to promote learning’, said no rule ever! Don’t fall into the trap of what everyone out there is doing. Explore your own options and see what best fits your child: A school with flexible schedules, primary vs private schools, homeschooling, online schooling, working side by side with the current school and making changes accordingly etc. In Parenting, nothing is more important than your child’s comfort level. A walk in nature at times teaches what textbooks can’t. Education is beyond textbooks!

Exposure to the real world:

Encourage your child to have a know-how of the practical world. This can be done through watching documentaries with them, encouraging them to volunteer, motivating for internships etc. A child can witness the pros and cons of their careers themselves and would be in a better position to decide the right education platform for them.

Other factors that can contribute to navigating the best education for your kid are:

  • Be in a continuous loop with your child’s progress and if needed, link your child with extra coaching sessions
  • Look out for financial aids in case you are baffled about college fees or debts
  • Ensure an inclusive environment for your child
  • Provide channels to children so they can vent out in case of homework pressure or not scoring high. This involves consultancy, activities for relaxation, ample recess, and free playtime, etc.
  • It should be noted here that ideally 10 minutes each day for each grade should be added up—for example, 10 minutes in first grade and 20 minutes in grade 2. The modern curriculum however aims at eliminating homework.
  • Make sure the child has a healthy environment. This includes nutritious food, safe commute and check on bullying measures taken by the school. 

Whether you are a single mom or a couple, the dilemma of getting your child in the right education system is the priority. The right path for children can be determined with the guidelines discussed and partnering with schools and the community. After all, it takes a village to raise a child!

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