The Power of Wheel: The Emotional Abuse

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We are all living in the midst of a life story, which is entirely centered around relationships. Every decision we make is influenced by a different scenario. Studies have shown that we make approximately 35,000 conscious decisions each day, with 226.7 of those decisions relating to food alone. However, when it comes to love and boundaries, we often disregard our own needs in favor of our partner’s desires. Building boundaries is crucial, but it is equally important to maintain those boundaries and recover when they are crossed. Lack of clear boundaries can lead to failed marriages and relationships, with many people realizing their inability to say no only after it is too late.


What do boundaries entail, and how can we establish them while still fulfilling our own needs? In the event that our boundaries are violated, how can we regain our equilibrium? Moreover, how can we overcome these limits without harming others? Countless relationships and marriages may have crumbled due to a lack of well-defined boundaries from the outset. When you begin to recognize the challenges of saying “no” and it’s already too late, you may be held accountable if you initially agreed to everything and then reneged on your commitments.

This is the story of Mega C:

Mega and her husband were newly married, and she wanted to either stay in their one-bedroom studio with her husband for the first year of their baby’s birth or buy a small and affordable apartment with more space and a suitable neighborhood for their new family. However, her in-laws insisted on supporting them for a bigger place, and her husband claimed that the money would eventually be given to him in the future, mainly because of his parents’ savings from his stock investment.

Mega was once madly in love with her husband, an independent, hardworking, modern woman. However, her husband convinced her to focus only on their new baby and to combine all their bank accounts together, claiming he was better at managing finances since he had a CPA license and worked as a risk management product manager.

During their home renovation, her husband’s dad moved into their home, built a storage for his wife and daughter, and took over their baby’s room with their clothes and belongings, inviting extended family members over every day. Mega never asked her husband for money, not even for their wedding, but he blamed her for not respecting his family and forced her out of the home, sometimes throwing away her personal belongings and even her dinner.

Mega’s postpartum depression accelerated due to the in-law’s dissatisfaction with the baby being a girl, her inability to protect her daughter during the COVID period, and her husband and in-law’s calling her mentally disabled and threatening to take away her baby. The husband physically abused her, and they were evicted from the home by the police due to their unsafe and unsupportive behavior.

After the arrest, Mega tried to reconcile with her husband, but he manipulated his way back into the property, calling the police on her to kick her out so his parents could move back in. He would also contact his sister-in-law to film Mega and capture her every move.

Emotional abuse is a serious issue that can have devastating effects on a person’s mental health and well-being. If someone is experiencing emotional abuse in their relationship like Mega, it’s important for them to seek help and support from family, friends or programs that do out-reach support. It may also be helpful to seek counselling or therapy to address the emotional impact of the abuse and to develop coping strategies. Ultimately, the most important thing is to prioritize your own well-being and to seek help and support in whatever way is necessary.



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