let not assumptions ruin your relationship

Let Not Assumptions Ruin Your Relationship

Every relationship experiences the omen of speculation. This can result in hypersensitivity and anxiety in certain situations. Its a state where we begin to overanalyze the other person’s words or actions according to our perception where assumptions arise. Let’s have a look at how to learn to let go of these assumptions to renew the path toward your thriving relationship with your partner.    

What is an assumption in a relationship?

There are certain moments where we can be guilty of taking words and actions out of context, prescribing our own meaning and perception to them. Assumptions are basically fallacies from our own discernment with little to no credibility. This is why we should be cautious when attaching our biases and stereotypes to our judgment. They can be extremely harmful to your relationship to the extent that simple phrases, compliments, and even favours can mean mockery, taunts, and feigned compassion. This can give rise to unsurmountable anger and resentment towards your partner. This can escalate to severe arguments that are likely to place your relationship in a precarious position. 

Keep Calm

  • Hence, first and foremost, take a deep breath to clear your thoughts. Hold your tongue the instant you experience exasperation to avoid criticizing your partner.
  • Secondly, adopt a gentle or normal tone. Ask them what they meant by what they said, or why they performed such an action.

 Chances are it was mostly your perception that was causing you to assume something sinister. Or maybe viewing your significant other as an unconcerned companion, whereas the reality was far from it. It is most likely your partner actually had genuine intentions behind the piece of advice they gave you.

Check Yourself:

Having reactionary judgmental assumptions is quite easy. However, what is difficult is acknowledging that you are creating an unattested assumption of your partner in your mind. At times creating negative assumptions about your significant other and accusing them is a sign of something troubling within yourself.

 Are you someone who is thin-skinned and insecure about yourself or is not self-assured over your worldly matters? Here, any criticism or even words of encouragement from your partner might hit a raw nerve. Even though that might not have been their intention, you might view them as cold-hearted and inconsiderate for mocking you.

Seek Help

 Moreover, suppose you are someone who is habitual in creating assumptions not limited to your partner. In that case, it is best to seek self-help books as this signals a deep-rooted problem of megalomania, and wanting to exhibit dominance over the lives of others.

 Hence, creating assumptions about a person could be a coping mechanism in perceiving them the way you want to and not how others view them, or how they present themselves. 


In conclusion, it is better to eradicate established assumptions in your relationship as early as possible. Speculation in a partnership crumbles the connection that you two share, replacing it with resentment.

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