Insight to “Self”

Insight to self: How do you perceive yourself and let people affect you?

Did you have a rough day recently? When nothing went as planned and it ruined your day. It’s ok; everyone has these rough patches occasionally amid routine life. But the good days take care of the bad days, and life goes on.

However, the problem starts to occur when you don’t have bad days once in a while; rather, it’s a series of rough phases. You seem to be caught in a vicious circle of miserable life, and life is all ‘messed up.’ If you are currently experiencing this distressing phase, the good news is that the solution resides within yourself. No, it’s not the environment that will make you feel better. Instead, t ‘YOU’ will have the power to bring the best out of yourself.

So, how can you bring the change within yourself? It’s the ‘perception’ that needs to be changed primarily.

A perception is about how you interpret the situation around you based upon your memory, experience and knowledge. For example, if you are smelling coffee in the morning, you may assume that some one in the family had awaken up and starting their day to work. But for some people, coffee only applies going out and greeting friends for a chat. By misreading other people’s perception, disagreement and miscommunication may occurred.

Moulding your perception will pave the way for changing your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours. The journey from a negative perspective to a positive outlook may not be smooth, but the destination is calming and healthy for you.

Thus, the steppingstone is self-determination to see beyond where you are and where ideally you would like to see yourself. If this is done successfully, then voila, half the task is done. Every time you will feel like breaking apart due to any reason, remind yourself of your ‘ideal self’ and muster the courage to go for it.

No incident, no sarcasm; in fact, no one has the power to manipulate you unless you are confident of achieving your goal. An example can be if you encounter a challenging situation at work. Maybe a boss who belittles you for all your contribution. Here you must smartly assess the situation. Ask yourself whether I perceive a solution to the problem leading to success (by looking at your options) or do I perceive a continuous thread of problems in my fate leading to failure.

However, it is advisable that one reaches out to a therapist . The therapist will provide you with the resources to bring the best out of yourself to view this world with a positive lens.

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