How to get hired Aboard?

Let’s say you are planning to move to a new country in the next few years, you want to make sure you are ready. Moreover, you want to be smart and understand clearly how to be hired for a job in that city.

3 simple steps to get you ready for being hired!

1. Research the city you are moving to:

-Connect with the people who live there, for example, Linkedin

-Check out websites like Quora in addition to Reddit for reference


2. Know your strength:

-Never underestimate yourself. Every experience counts your language, and your knowledge in addition to connections in the market region(s). All these can make you stand out from all the local competitors

3. Connect with the local- networking- be specific

-If you do not know anyone in the cities, VOLUNTEER is the best way to connect with local businesses and professionals. Furthermore, from the volunteer experience, you will gain local work experience and understand more about the cultural differences in your country. When you are ready to move, the connection you’ve established will know how to help you to be hired successfully!

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