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“Whatever you fear most has no power- it is your fear that has the power.” Oprah Winfrey

Being a mother to a dauntless daughter is not easy. Now and then, you must let go of the
stigma and taboo associated with raising a ‘submissive girl.’ Shoving away the patriarchy even in
the modern household seems like an ordeal. Every time she is despondent, a mother has to
buck her up that she has got it all to conquer the world.

And why not? No matter how cliché it may sound, as a mom to my daughter, I have to
remind her: You are braver than you believe and stronger than you think. Let not gender define your dreams.

A women’s sense of self-worth is acknowledged and starts from home. As a girl, she should have the freedom to determine her own choices and shut down negativity.  Later, as she grows and steps out in the reality of life, other women pave the way for her thriving future by fixing her crown. Let’s have a look at some ways how we can empower women in our community.

Leading by Example

As a mother, you are a role model for your child: a mentor and a companion. Create a space
where she can confide in you and encourage her to do the same for her pals. Tell her life is not
a bed of roses. Come what may demonstrate resiliency. Tell her it’s ok to cry and vent after a
fall. But she must get her up on her own and resume the marathon. It’s not always about the
winning line, but the sheer effort and determination. Show her that fixing other women crown is a priviledge!

Advocate for the Fairer Sex

Raise your voice: Maternity leave, flexi-time, daycare at the workplace for nursing moms and
many such occasions. Whenever you see a female colleague suffering from unfair treatment, be
it sexual harassment, delayed promotion or unfair paycheck, be there for her. Make sure the
higher authorities address the problem. Thats one of the ways you can be fixing her crown!
Growing up, I always wondered why no one ever raised a voice about giving a day off to women
on the first day of the menstrual cycle. The turmoil of going to work with cramps!

Be a Wind of Change for Underprivileged Women

Be a Wind of Change for Underprivileged Women
Broaden your horizon and reach out to the women who are not equipped to realize their
potential. This can start from as basic as providing clean water, sanitation, and basic education
to them. Volunteer and feel the difference it will have on your self-esteem.
Help them unleash their skills. It could be any handicraft, a catering service she can start from
home, daycare or any business set up.

Appreciate. Repeat.
I had a rough day and had to rush to a store to grab supplies for my kids. A woman in mid 20’s
walked up to me and said, “hi, I love your bright purple sneakers.” Thanks to her, a simple
compliment made my day! Get into the habit of giving and accepting compliments. You never
know what it means for a person going through a rough patch in life.
I have made a conscious habit of appreciating small businesses for the women in my life. A
mere shout out on social media might cost us few seconds, but will do wonders for her

Lend a Shoulder

Lend a Shoulder
You should be a ‘ray of hope’ for her low days and a ‘hug’ for her high days. A new mom who is
going through postpartum blues, a single mom blaming herself for not giving in the best for her
child, a mom who had a miscarriage or a mom to a special needs child who is ashamed in the
grocery store for the tantrum the child throws. Let all the women out there know you are there
for them.
Joining an organization supporting women issues is a great idea to reach out to others beyond
your comfort zone.

Finally, raise your SONS to be a voice for women. Make them respect the females and
acknowledge their achievements. Encourage them to be a support system for the women
around them. Women empowerment has a long way to go, but together we can be a change!


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