Financial Challenges as a Single Mother

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Being a single mother is, without a doubt, twice the work. While a single mother has the perks of twice the hugs and twice the love; it’s equally true that she has twice the challenges of getting financial support. A financial load that is usually carried by two now lies entirely on the shoulder of one adult. The result is, single moms are often left in a lurch. As a single mom who suffers through the guilt of not providing enough for her children, she also undergoes an emotional trauma that can be detrimental to her health. Let’s look at how single moms can look into various options to make themselves and their children self-sufficient.



Canada Child Benefit (CCB)

·      CCB is a tax-free monthly payment to benefit eligible families.

·      It helps families with the cost of raising children under the age of 18. 

Enhanced Employment Insurance (EI)

Following are the ways how one can receive payments under Employment Insurance.

·       Losing a job must not be due to the fault of the single mother. 

·      One must be actively looking for a job.

·      A single mother is also eligible to receive a family supplement to their Employment Insurance.

Income Tax Reduction at Source

It’s interesting to note that Form T1213 can benefit from reducing monthly income tax for childcare expenses, e.g., childcare or medical expenses.

Disability Tax Credit

Disability Tax Credit helps disabled people to reduce the amount of income tax they have to pay. This applies to anyone with a physical or mental disability.

Canadian Pension Plan (CPP): splitting application

·      One can apply to split the CPP savings accumulated when one was living together with the ex-spouse. 

·      You are eligible for equal division even though one has not made any contributions before the separation or divorce. 

·      There is as such no time limit to apply unless the spouse dies. In that case, one must apply within 36 months of the date of death.

Canada Education Savings Grant

This grant is beneficial for one’s child’s future education as the government pitches in financially. By making a REanP, Ie, Registered Education Savings Plan:

·      The government adds 20 cents for every dollar that is contributed.

·      A child can withdraw a significant amount of money after high school to pay for studies.


The grants and benefits vary from Province to Province. However, depending on which Canadian Province you are in, the following are the general benefits provided with some variation. 

Legal Aid

Some provinces have generous legal aid available as compared to others. Therefore, it’s recommended to apply for legal assistance immediately as the mother becomes single.

Food Support

Various food banks and food assistance organizations are available to regularly provide for single mothers and their family.

Childcare Subsidy

Fortunately, the majority of the provinces provide childcare subsidies. However, the amount varies from Province to Province. So, for BC, do visit this page to benefit.


Despite a long waiting list usually, a single mother may be eligible for subsidized housing benefits. Click here to get more information.


YWCA provides excellent support and resources to single mothers, including legal issues, shelters, childcare, fitness pass, employment assistance, and much more.

Other Resources: (Kindly check your eligibility by clicking at the links provided)

For a single mom, this has various options for loans and grants for college.Grants are better than loans as there is no need to repay the grants.

  • Click here for Educational support for:

Lower and Middle-income families, students with dependant children, part-time students, part-time students with dependants and students with disabilities, 

  • Energy Efficiency Grants:

There are also grants to improve energy efficiency. It includes heating, insulation and water conservation. One needs to make an appointment with an energy advisor to avail of grants up to $5000. 

No Single mother should be ashamed or made guilty to avail the benefits as mentioned above. The trauma, especially in the initial months, requires a support system. Thanks to various government facilities and agencies, the burden is somewhat removed from the single mother’s shoulders. She should not make her life miserable to make ends meet. This is the time to start a new thriving life with her children and move ahead!



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