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Workshop: Employment Coaching

Why join our workshop event? 

Here are the questions for you.

  • Did you submit a lot of applications and none has responded?
  • Have you been attending interviews but never made it to employment status? 
  • Are you working as a restaurant clerk and you were once a professional in your home country? 
  • Are you coming to Canada and knowing nothing about the Canadian Labour Market?

If you are an adult or a student, a migrant or a new immigrant, unemployed or a career changer, an employer or a job seeker, come and meet me in this free workshop session.  I am happy to provide the support that will affect your working life.

Who is Shirley Sio?


I am Shirley Sio, your employment coach. I was an immigrant once and I am familiar with the struggles and hassles when starting a new chapter of life in Canada.  

Moreover, I love to have a deep understanding of your problems if you would like to share your stories with me.  And I focus on the process to create, scale and optimize solutions to the matter by building creative strategies and adapting to new techniques to guide you to the accomplishment.  


Shirley has 14 years of experience in coaching and business development. 

Through her experience working with the Top 500 Global Industries, Shirley worked alongside the medical health sector, design and construction industries, film and entertainment sectors and government agencies such as the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction as the employment coach.  Shirley was once nominated as the marketing director in the Shanghai, China news event in the global infrastructure development program. 

This program is sponsored by the Circle of MA. Please check out our event calendar for the next following session.

The Circle of MA aims to bring hope and light to women who have experienced or is currently going through unpleasant journeys. We offer a haven for women to unleash their strength. With our true stories and inspirational podcasts, we provide a space for you to breathe and to connect. Please reach out to us  if you want to share your story to empower other women who is thriving through their moment of the journey.

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