Emotional Intelligence at Workplace

Emotional Intelligence (EI) reflects your ability to manage your own emotions. Your past experience creates your thoughts and your feelings turn into actions. However, understanding and knowing how to deal with your emotion is the pathway to enhancing your interpersonal skills.


Staying in your MA status means you are able to manage your emotions and behaviours. Self-awareness is recognizing what you are feeling and what triggers your emotion. Ask yourself what emotions are you feeling now. How did you get triggered? Should you react to it? In addition to asking can you try to hear others’ needs/the insecurity behind the disagreement? Once you got these amazing brain waves, you are likely to be able to manage your emotions and behaviours, we called this self-control.

Companies are always changing. Managers are changing departments, co-workers are getting promotions, expectations are being adjusted as well as you are managing personal life events. Your emotion and the people you work with can all be influenced by your state of mind. Being able to control and adjust your feeling can create a healthier and happier work environment. Don’t ignore your emotional Intelligence just the way you don’t ignore your health!

We offer workshops every year in October, and currently, we are accepting referrals at this stage.

The Circle of MA aims to bring hope and light to women who have experienced or are currently going through unpleasant journeys.

We offer a haven for an individual to unleash their strength. With our true stories and inspirational podcasts, we provide a space for you to breathe and connect. Please reach out to us if you want to share your story to empower other women who are thriving through their moment of the journey.

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