Celebrating The Circle of MA

Upon the canvas of the world, they paint, A circle, where dreams and visions acquaint, In the heart of MA, where stories unfold, In eloquent words, their tales are told. A circle of souls, diverse and true, With passions ablaze, in all that they do, From the arts to sciences, they aspire, With a unwavering, […]

The Future of Job Hiring in the Next Decade

As we enter the next decade, the way companies hire new employees is undergoing significant changes. These changes are driven by advances in technology, the evolving needs of the job market, and the increasing importance of sustainability and diversity. In this blog, we explore the ten most popular job positions that are expected to dominate […]

Single Mother: A New Norm in the 21st Century

In the 21st century, being a single mother is no longer an exception but rather a new norm. According to a 2020 report by the Pew Research Center, one in four U.S. parents is a single parent, and the majority of these single parents are women. Although being a single mother may come with its […]

Love and Boundaries: Financial Abuse_Lily’s Stories

As a young girl, Lily had always dreamed of the perfect life, complete with a loving partner, a beautiful home, and a stable job. When she met John, she thought her dreams had come true. He was charming, successful, and seemed to be everything she had ever wanted. But as time went on, things began […]

What is Positive Mental Health?

At the Circle of MA, we believe that fostering positive mental health in our everyday lives can truly make a difference for everyone. What is positive mental health? If you are resilient, you have: What can affect mental health? Your mental health can be improved by: Your mental health can be weakened by: How can […]

The Circle of Drive with Care Youth Leadership Program

The Circle of MA, TUEX Education, and Drive Treck Academy have established a powerful partnership to introduce a Youth Program that aims to create a safer and better environment for our schools and communities. The Circle of Drive with Care Youth Leadership Program is an initiative that honours and applauds the youth in our society […]

The Circle of Ma and Mamas for Mamas Collaborate to Support Women’s Well-Being

The Circle of Ma and Mamas for Mamas Collaborate to Support Women’s Well-Being The Circle of MA, and Mamas for Mamas, are a non-profit organization that provides support to mothers and caregivers. Together, they have launched a program that aims to help women improve their overall well-being and cope with the challenges they are facing. […]

The Circle of MA and The Good Good Goodies Collaborate to Support our Community

Dear valued subscribers, We are thrilled to announce that The Circle of MA and Good Good Goodies are teaming up to support our community in a very special way! As you may know, The Circle of MA is a community-driven organization that focuses on empowering and uplifting people through various initiatives. On the other hand, […]

Emotional Intelligence at Workplace

Emotional Intelligence (EI) reflects your ability to manage your own emotions. Your past experience creates your thoughts and your feelings turn into actions. However, understanding and knowing how to deal with your emotion is the pathway to enhancing your interpersonal skills. Staying in your MA status means you are able to manage your emotions and […]

Employment Standards Summary

The employment standards in Canada differ across provinces. Here we will highlight standards in British Columbia for payment, compensation and working conditions and other employment practices.  Taking time off Employees from British Columbia are eligible to take up to 5 paid days and 3 unpaid days due to illness or injury reasons.  Employees are eligible […]