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WHAT IS GUILT?  After her divorce, Sandra was a different person altogether. She could not get over the fact that it had all ended. Maybe

Workshop: Employment Coaching

Why join our workshop event?  Here are the questions for you. If you are an adult or a student, a migrant or a new immigrant,

Workshop: Motherhood Redesigned

Workshop: Motherhood Redesigned ~3 Secrets for Resilient Mother-Daughter Relationship Motherhood Redesigned~ 3 Secrets for resilient Mother-Daughter Relationship Quinn Cashion is a registered therapeutic counsellor, mental

The Circle of MA Show

Check out our podcast if you want to listen to this article: The Circle of MA is a podcast that bring wisdom and insight to

Single Parenting & Special Needs Children

Single Parenting Challenges with Special Needs Children Written by: Syra Salam Let’s face it. Single parenting is a tumultuous journey itself. Though it comes with

The 5 Characteristic of Manipulators

Manipulators are people who use tactics of deceit, persuasion, and control to get what they want from others. They often employ subtle or overt forms

SelfCare: Tips for a ME TIME

 Self Care  + Single Mom = Happy Mom “Dear Diary, Coming across any debate about domestic violence via the media has never bothered me, really.