Employment Standards Summary

The employment standards in Canada differ across provinces. Here we will highlight standards in British Columbia for payment, compensation and working conditions and other employment practices.  Taking time off Employees from British Columbia are eligible to take up to 5 paid days and 3 unpaid days due to illness or injury reasons.  Employees are eligible […]

Access Pro Bono: Every Person Deserves Justice 

Access Pro Bono

Are you an individual or non-profit organization with limited means seeking justice in BC? Worry not as Access Pro Bono is a dedicated legal service provider to resolve legal issues. Access Pro Bono is a British Columbian organization providing legal services to facilitate individuals with free or minimal charges. Thanks to Access Pro Bono’s team […]

How to Master Emotional Well-being?

Cheerful dark skinned female model makes face palm smiles broadly has happy mood embraces pot with cactus wears white shirt and headkerchief isolated over beige background takes care of houseplants

Ever faced a situation where you spilled words from your mouth that made you regret them later? Or behaved in a rowdy manner at the traffic intersection when it could have been avoided? Or merely send your teenager on a guilt trip due to your own toxic issues at the workplace. With emotions hovering every […]

Let Not Assumptions Ruin Your Relationship

let not assumptions ruin your relationship

Every relationship experiences the omen of speculation. This can result in hypersensitivity and anxiety in certain situations. Its a state where we begin to overanalyze the other person’s words or actions according to our perception where assumptions arise. Let’s have a look at how to learn to let go of these assumptions to renew the path […]

Paving Your Way to Happiness

Businesswomen in a fist bump

Did you hit a slump in your life where nothing seems to excite you? Everything is bleak. Morning coffee is even not able to bring a spark to your routine. During times like these, happiness itself does not seem like a prominent emotion prevalent in your routine. The good news is there are certain strategies […]

Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg

employment coach

Our everyday lives rely on Communication, both verbal and non-verbal. Effective communication is of paramount importance in expressing essential sentiments, instructions, responses, and much more. As we delve more into what effective communication is, Marshall Rosenberg’s non-violent Communication guides us on how not to be judgemental.  Non-violent communication, by Marshall Rosenberg, is Communication that relies […]

How to Co-parent after your separation or divorce

Divorce doesn’t come easy for children. The solution lies in co-parenting relationships to make the transition easier and secure a better future for the children. What’s working best for parents in the journey to co-parenting will eventually work best for children.  Co-parenting means that the two parents who are no longer a couple or romantically […]

Transformation: How to overcome Fear and Uncertainty when Life feels hard

The names in the following text about transformation have been kept anonymous owing to the confidentiality of the women who contacted us. (Written By: Syra Salam, Shirley Sio and Quinn Cashion) When Sophie was introduced to  The Circle of MA she was in a lurch. A distressed young woman in her late twenties with a […]

Confession of a Covid Edition Mom!

When covid struck and you were in lurch stuck at home? Well, you were not alone. Here is a bitter sweet Confession of a Covid Edition Mom! Dear Diary, “So here I am back after 15 years to pen my thoughts or, let’s say, a channel for my catharsis. I look back at the years […]


Young family with their sons at home having fun

 It’s true when they say ‘Family’ is everything! Our strength for good and bad days. No wonder, family is what keeps us connected with our past and buck up to give in the best for our future. Though family plays a vital role in defining one’s personality, but its role in the character building of […]