Our Ambassadors

Shirley Sio (she/her)


I love to have a deep understanding of people's problem so I can focus on the process to create, scale and optimize solutions by building creative strategies to generate accomplishment.

Through my experience working with the Top 500 Global Industries, I worked alongside with the medical health sector, design and construction industries, film and entertainment companies as a senior business developer. After years of working with the corporate institutions, I dedicated my time working as a career advisor and a job developer with the Canadian Government Sector, the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction. I was once nominated as the marketing director in the Shanghai China news event in the global infrastructure development program. Moving forward, I will dedicate my time to support women to be resilient and independent in their life journey.

Quinn Cashion (she/her) RTC


With more than 15 years of experience in the human development field + 10 years in the beauty industry, I naturally weave the inner beauty awareness with the important skills of personal design.

I am the creator of RESILIENT ~ a manual design to re-awaken the resilience and well-being in young minds.

The first edition of this manual was part of a research project that is now published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Behaviour.

Rachel Birkinshaw (she/her) RTC

AMBASSADOR, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Through my private counselling practice, New View, I work with those struggling with anxiety, depression, CPTSD, life transitions and a variety of additional topics that can arise.

Additionally, I work alongside the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction as an Employment Coach & Counsellor working with clients to explore and approach sustainable employment. I have a strong passion to work alongside and support children and family members experiencing divorce or a separation by focusing on non-violent communication techniques, boundary setting, emotional processing and identifying the specific needs of the family/individuals involved. My mission is to provide a space for those affected and support them in finding a new normal that works for the parents and the children that will support their emotional, mental and physical health.

Jimmy Yan / (He/Him)


Jimmy Yan joined Access Justice in 2003 and served as its Project Manager, and Acting Executive Director prior to its merger with Pro Bono Law of BC.

He’s a columnist of the City Post of Singtao News and a regular media commentator on issues of public legal education and information. Jimmy has a B.Sc. degree and a M.Ed. in Law, Justice and Ethics. He’s also a Research Assistant of The Centre for Education, Law and Society in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University, and a CELS educational advisor to the Chinese.

Joyce Yuen (She/her)

Secretary, Compliance Director

I’m Joyce and I have over 10 years of work experience in the Risk and Compliance field, that specialized in resolving conflicts and provide appropriate, compliant business solutions for clients at USANA Health Science Inc.

I also practice Taichi and am enthusiastic in utilizing energetic techniques to correct unfavorable conditions and symptoms associated with energy imbalance. With these backgrounds combined, it helps me realize balancing the body, mind, spirit plays a major role in improving one’s wellbeing, especially for women.

Syra (she/her)


I am Syra, a Content writer from Milton, Ontario. Passionate about exploring with words, I am also a keen Certified Educator and an Aspiring Philanthropist. The sheer joy of writing is when I 'OWN' the topic.

I let it grow and delve into research, SEO, and keywords applications to make the content meaningful, ensuring a high readability score. As I Peek through everyday musings to resonate with the audience, I aim to deliver quality content professionally. I have penned 300 plus blogs on various niches, and much of my content has been published on reputable sites. I have a portfolio of all writing styles, including blogs, Product reviews, social media promotional posts, Newsletters, Web Page Content, Interviews with community members and shaping into engaging content, and much more. I am a zealous globetrotter and a bibliophile. I am currently authoring a Fiction series for children. All these experiences aid me in enriched writing. I have also conducted workshops for improvising content writing in compliance with search engines requirements. I am accoladed as a Dessert Diva by friends and aim to publish my Recipe Book one day!Oh, and I went back to college after 16 years and was on the Dean’s list. Failure is a word alien to me!

Dr. Aneela Hashmi (she/her)

Ambassador, Health and well-being speaker

I am Aneela, a physician, researcher and educator. I have always enjoyed working with people, listening to them, taking care and counselling them. As a teacher and instructor, I also provide career counselling to students.

I have experience of working with people of varying demography in different continents. I have built long term connections with people overtime through my empathy and active listening. I always enjoy the stories of people and learn from them. Simultaneously, I strive to find solution to their problems and help support them emotionally and mentally and physically. I help treat their diseases for a better productive wholesome life. My aim is to impart, share and learn knowledge with people and create better understanding and awareness about one’s body and life by adopting healthy lifestyle. Healthy choices in our daily life help us form better versions of ourselves. I love spending my time with my family and friends. I enjoy company of books and long walks. I even love to flex my hands on cooking and enjoy creating unique food for my friends and family

Oluwatosin (Tosin) Thomas (she/her)


I’m Oluwatosin Thomas from Nigeria. Suddenly finding myself in the world of digital marketing after bagging a 4-year degree in Biochemistry, I became enthralled by the field. I’ve spent the last 5 years learning, unlearning and growing.

I’ve worked in various capacities; as a digital account manager with digital agencies, a digital marketing executive in client-facing roles, and as a digital marketing consultant for startups like CIAPS, Clickafix and Quriee. I currently work as the Digital Marketing Manager of FiatMatch, a Canadian Fintech startup. I love imparting knowledge and mentoring upcoming digital marketing professionals. It gives me joy to see them grow and thrive. I teach digital marketing primarily via Zyonel Academy in Lagos, Nigeria. I also run a FREE yearly 5-week training for undergraduates and recent graduates. My teaching style is practical and instructive so students gain confidence to take up and successfully manage digital marketing jobs or projects.

Alfred (he/him)


An immigrant from Hong Kong, Alfred Chien has lived in Vancouver for 27 years. He attended the University of British Columbia, earning a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Economics and Concentration in Mathematics. In 2023, Alfred is selected as one of the member from the Vancouver Trustee Election.

Upon graduation, Alfred began his career in banking. He has
over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry,
including Retail and Business Banking, Investment and Retirement Planning, and Private Banking. And throughout his career he has worked for CIBC, BMO, and HSBC. Alfred was also the Chief Marketing Officer at Brimming Capital.

In 2018, motivated by the inequities in education, Alfred left his lucrative banking career to create TUEX Education, an app-based tutor that ensures high quality, affordable tutors are available to all students. That same year, Alfred founded the TUEX Foundation, a non-profit that provides free tutoring to children from low-income families.

In addition to his role as CEO of TUEX, Alfred sits on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Liver  Foundation (BC and Yukon).

Alfred currently lives in Vancouver with his 8-year-old daughter.

Phoebe Li (she/her)

AMBASSADOR, Early Childhood Educator

I am an Early Childhood Educator who has been active in the field for over 15 years. Working with children and families has always been my passion. I am currently working as a Special Needs Coordinator and office manager at a child care organization.

I worked in various child care settings as a co-owner, general manager, ECE practicum instructor and educator.  I am a working mom with two school-aged daughters.  There have been times I have lost my sense of self, especially learning and accepting one of my daughters is a child with special needs.  I have a guilty conscience, a love for humour who is trying to strike a balance between work, kids and life. 



Maggie (she/her)


I am a Registered Dietitian graduated from University of British Columbia, a qualified professional with years of clinical experiences.

I focus on areas of blood sugar management, chronic disease management and maternity nutrition. I am a Certified Diabetes Educator with a sound knowledge base and experience in diabetes management. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve the best health state while building a loving relationship with food. My communication and counselling style often lead to clients finding their inner strength to carry out behaviours that optimize their health.