About Us

The Action of Enlightment | The Circle of MA

Here at The Circle of MA, we are committed to supporting women in their journey towards improved well-being through the adoption of healthy lifestyle choices. 

Our non-profit organization is dedicated to providing women with the necessary resources to make informed decisions about their health. 

Our platform features an abundance of valuable resources, including enlightening blog posts, captivating podcasts, and engaging digital community workshops.

  • Remote Skill Development 
  • MA Communication Skills
  • Dolphin Parenting 
  • Building love and healthy boundaries for young generation
  • Self-development for women who have experienced abuse in the present or past relationship
  • Employment Coaching

Our Mission is to support women in knowing how to heal themselves through life transitions and learn skills that offer them the freedom to work from home.  

Our Vision is to bring hope and light to women who is experiencing or overcoming traumatic journeys.

What is The Circle?

Our circle represents an infinite space of love, freedom and creativity. It is a circle with humility, respect, integrity, generosity courage, compassion and fortitude – The Truth Telling Circle Guidelines

What is MA?

The definition of MA represents the untouched inner space that remains unscathed by any past experiences of hurt or trauma. It is where your innate wisdom resides, always accessible to you. When you create a still and peaceful mind, you open up space to reflect, be guided, and act from this place of inner wisdom. This, in turn, provides you with a powerful source of love, harmony, and confidence to draw from in your life. MA is where your innate peace and wisdom belong, allowing you to remain poised even in the face of hardship. By mastering your MA space, you gain the ability to approach challenging situations with positivity and rational thinking, no longer feeling victimized by past experiences. It is a journey towards greater self-awareness and inner strength that we invite you to embark on with us.

Principle of The Circle of MA

It is the GATE-way to your rationality and emotions lies within ourselves. 

Relationships are built on the foundation of our thoughts and emotions. Negative emotions can trigger a fight-fright-or-flight response, essential for survival in some situations.

When we are feeling insecure or angry, our thoughts and emotions can become manipulative, leading to negative outcomes. However, when we are in a calm and rational state of mind, our thoughts and emotions can work together in harmony to bring about positive results and benefit the situation.

By engaging in effective communication, you can prevent misunderstandings and enhance your relationships. This involves placing less emphasis on speaking and instead focusing on active listening and honing in on the subject matter at hand.

By developing an understanding of how to turn inward and stay present without judgement, you can gain a new perspective and enhance your ability to approach situations from a different angle. This can enlighten your potential and open up new possibilities.

Grounding refers to a state where you are fully experiencing your MA, feeling strengthened and firmly rooted in a stable foundation, thereby opening up life’s possibilities. The more deeply you comprehend the gift of MA, the more effectively you can anchor yourself in its profound wisdom of well-being and resilience.

Attention– Focusing your attention on your inner self can help you understand how your experiences come to be. Take note of your emotions and beliefs, and remember that what you see is only one perspective among many. Others’ journeys are not a reflection of your own, and your path may not be clear to everyone. Allow yourself to be present in the moment, remaining calm and still.

Thoughts – MA can be both the source of your misery and the cause of your joy, and it serves as a source of power that can help you navigate life experiences. Understanding how your thoughts can tap into MA is the initial step towards living artfully in the present moment.

Engage – Engaging MA energy can lead to an enhanced sense of well-being and a better understanding of how to flourish in life, regardless of circumstances.

Ground into MA.

Attend to the moment.

Thoughts create the experience.

Engage your potential.

Our Workshops Series: 

The goal of this program series is to assist women in reestablishing a stronger, more confident, and resilient connection with their lives. The series covers a range of topics, including mental health and well-being, effective communication, financial management, and developing the necessary skills and resources for working from home.


Honouring your Space of MA ~ Foundational program for realizing Well-Being & Confidence:

Gain a greater awareness of how your mental well-being is attainable and how to override the feelings that are keeping you stuck in life. 

Discover how to:

  • Live with more confidence, hope and optimism
  • Overcome fear, anxiety and guilt and strengthen your resilience
  • Addressing & overcoming impacts and emotions of your life transition 
  • Discover your natural ability to reduce stress, especially in difficult situations

Key Features:

  • Delivered by a trained trauma and resilience-informed instructor
  • Group workshops and one-to-one support 
  • Access to deeper personal counselling sessions are available
  • Community referrals & access to other organisation for support


The MA Communication:

  • Non-Violent Communication: Self Development 
  • Non-Violent Communication: Couple Session 
  • Non-Violent Communication: Parenting

Key Features:

  • Delivered by a trained trauma and resilience-informed instructor
  • Group workshops and one-to-one support 
  • Access to deeper personal counselling sessions
  • Community referrals & access to other organisation for support


Skill Development and Employment Coaching:

  • Remote skill development
  • Job coaching support
  • Career Counselling 


Key Features:

  • Delivered by a Certified Career Development Practitioner 
  • Group workshops and one-to-one support 
  • Access to deeper personal career counselling sessions
  • Community referrals & access to other organisation for support


All programs will be fully online. Please access it with a computer/tablet/phone and strong and stable internet connection. 

The Circle of MA aims to bring hope and light to women who have experienced or is currently going through unpleasant journeys. We offer a haven for women to unleash their strength. With our true stories and inspirational podcasts, we provide a space for you to breath and to connect. Please reach out to us  if you want to share your story to empower other women who is thriving through their moment of journey.